homeless mon and kidsChrist Like Services creates a bridge whereby families, with God’s help, make the transition from homelessness to wholeness. This young mother has a ministry, they are sitting beside her. She needs a place to nurture and bring these young children up in the ways of the Lord. Why is she here? God knows. What do we do? We help. Every family that you see on this site has been carefully screened and desires new life in Christ. In order for her to take root in the kingdom she needs an environment conducive for growth. As we minster, we will meet people in all walks of life and we will do as the Lord leads, but for a family, destitute, lacking in the most simple of necessities the way is clear. They need more than a warm meal and a change of clothing; they need a warm, nurturing place, free from the old snares. This young mom needs a welcoming home where she can see Christ in action in the lives of those who give her hope in concrete deeds. By opening up your homes and hearts to see her and her children experience new life in Christ, you are welcoming Jesus into your home in a very tangible and beautiful way, and when we stand before Jesus he will turn to you and say, “I was a stranger and you took me in,” and when you ask, “When Lord?” He will say, “When you welcomed this young family into your home, you did it to me.” If you Want to Help, Fill Out the Form Below: [contact-form 3 “homeless”]