*10,000 FOR JESUS

10,000 for Jesus is our evangelistic tool for the church community to fulfill the great commission. It is our heart and prayer for local congregations to get on board with the task of throwing out the net for a mighty catch. Our vision is to meet with area pastors and elders to walk as one united in the purpose of seeing the lost won for Christ. We believe, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we can provide avenues for new believers to be rooted and grounded in God’s kingdom within the community. Field of wheat  10,000 for Jesus is our vehicle for taking ownership of our community, so that laborers are prayed into the harvest. We will provide evangelism and discipleship training, and trust that the Lord will provide in the body the necessary talents for meeting the needs of the new believers as they enter into His kingdom. 10,000 for Jesus will send out the Word through street evangelism, and advertise the upcoming Crusades. These crusades will draw in a catch that will be the beginning point for those who receive newness of life. These new believers will then be invited to further pursue the kingdom by enlisting into our discipleship program. Here they will be thrust into our intensive discipleship training, so they might go back into their world with the message of Abundant Life as missionaries for Jesus.   Evangelistic Training Effective Prayer Defining Talents and Gifts Proclaiming the Gospel Distributing tracts and pamphlets Follow up and integration (putting our gifts and talents to use) Spiritual warfare Discipleship Missionary Preparation   Evangelism Thrust Crusade site Churches get the word out for the upcoming Crusade Frontline teams go into the community distributing gospel tracts and pamphlets announcing upcoming Crusade Local area congregations work in harmony to present the gospel message and foundational workshops during the Crusade A toll-free number will placed upon the literature for fielding crisis situations Abundant Life Seminars Discipleship Training Missionary Preparation